Benchtops – Stone or Laminate


Whether you are considering a stone benchtop to increase the value of your property or simply looking for a stylish addition to your kitchen, benchtop surfaces can help you achieve both. A well-groomed kitchen is the heart of a modern home. Your benchtop surfaces can do a lot to set the tone and theme for the entire kitchen. There are two main varieties to pick from, stone and laminate benchtops.

Benchtops are the most used surface in a kitchen, thus not only do they have to be aesthetically pleasing, but they also need to be well finished, durable and fit within your budget. On average, benchtops need to be replaced every 14 years, depending on how it is maintained. It is crucial to make sure that such a long-term investment is the perfect fit for you.  Let’s look into each one in details.

Stone Benchtops

Stone benchtops are naturally stunning and stylish, with great durability and luxurious looks. If properly maintained they can last an entire lifetime without any signs of wearing out. With natural stone options like granite, marble, sandstone or even engineered reconstituted stones, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right top for your kitchen.

Stone benchtops are heat and stain resistant, and with proper periodic sealing, can be cleaned and maintained with ease. Though stone benchtops are expensive, they do deliver the beauty and resistance that a modern kitchen needs. Natural stones offer a much more raw and earthy style. Engineered stones offer uniformity in design and require no sealing. They are slightly cheaper and offer a wide range of colours and designs compared to the natural ones.

Laminated Benchtops

Laminated benchtops are the other side of the kitchen surface option that is also finding its popularity in modern homes. Made from plastic-coated synthetics, they are stylish, versatile and low maintenance. Not to mention, they are much cheaper than the stone benchtops. Laminated benchtops are available in wide variety of colours, designs and are a great value for money for those who do not want to spend as much as stone benchtops.

However, the trade-off with the lower cost comes into play once you take the durability into consideration. Laminated benchtops are not burn/scorch resistant, and are susceptible to scratches and dullness over time. Though they can last a good 10-20 years, they are just not as durable and sturdy as the stone ones. However, if it is on a smaller budget and a great overall return, laminated benchtops are a great pick.


At the end of the day, it is a question of how much you are willing to invest, and how much you are willing to trade-off between durability and cost. If you are passionate about cooking and are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or even looking to increase the value for your property, stone benchtops might be just right for you. However, if you are taking things slower with a smaller budget and just want a classy looking kitchen with a glossy finish, laminated benchtops are the a winner.

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